April 17, 2007

Linux, PowerBASIC, and interoperability with Windows

A combination of Linux and the DOS version of the PowerBASIC compiler is a powerful solution for simple (and not so simple) programming tasks. You can create blazingly fast fully multi-user databases and other applications that run under Linux. As PowerBASIC was designed to run at reasonable speed on XT's, 286's and 386's, it runs like nobody's business on modern multi-gigahertz CPU's. It is also an easy way to write programs on Linux machines that can be instantly copied to and run on MS Windows with no changes required at all, as many versions of Windows can run DOS programs natively. (I am not sure if DOS programs can be run on Windows Vista.) This article describes how to get everything working on Linux, and provides handy programming tips for integrating a DOS program written in PowerBASIC with the rest of your desktop.

Link: melvilletheatre.com

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