October 28, 2003

Linux powers secure PIN entry pad for credit cards

Payment infrastructure and transaction management specialist Trintech Group Plc reports that its embedded Linux based PIN
Entry Device (PED) has been certified by VISA as a secure PED. Additionally, Trintech's PayWare Smart5000 meets standards set out by EMVCo LLC, a
company formed in 1999 by Europay International, MasterCard International, and Visa International to administer the EMV Integrated Circuit Card
Specifications for Payment Systems.

The standard for secure PEDs that Trintech's PayWare Smart 5000 has passed was created by VISA because vendors are moving from signature-based to
PIN-based validation as a fraud deterrent, according to Trintech. All newly deployed PEDs must meet VISA PED requirements by Jan. 1, 2004.

Link: linuxdevices.com


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