February 25, 2001

Linux, a replacement for Windows, or a joke?

Author: JT Smith

Newsforge reader Eric Hufschmid has written a long, detailed rant about his disappointment in Linux. Here's part of it: "A few months ago I decided to try Linux. My first shock came when I
went to a CompUSA store near me and discovered that there were many versions
of Linux. Each package bragged that they were the best Linux; each package
tried to manipulate me. Where were
these noble people whose goals were
to serve mankind? Linux appeared to be just another commodity to profit
from.""After installing one of the versions of Linux on my computer, I discovered
that it is inferior to Windows, and its applications are inferior to those
I currently use. It would not even give me the full resolution that my
monitor is capable of. 
The Linux people have been misrepresenting
themselves and Linux for many years. Their incessant bragging that Linux
is superior to Windows has given a lot of people false hopes and expectations.
If a corporation promoted their products in this manner, it would be considered either a scam or a marketing
blunder." Read the whole thing at Eric's website.
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