March 21, 2004

Linux risks rising: Gartner

Linux is moving away from being risk-free as it climbs the enterprise ladder, warns a Gartner report.

Microsoft's Asia-Pacific and greater China public sector general manager Peter Moore quoted the report at a media briefing on open source in Auckland last week.

The report, which came out earlier this month, warns that as Linux marches into the enterprise, organisations must understand all of the open source operating systemâs benefits, risks and costs.

It says as Linux climbs the enterprise ladder it inevitably becomes more commercial and is moving away from being cost- and risk-free. Support fees will increase, middleware will be as expensive as that of Unix, dependency is a risk, databases and clusters will get no favoured discounts and the total cost of acquisition may be a misleading indicator for large enterprise deployments.

Link: ComputerWorld New Zealand


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