January 16, 2001

Linux in Science Report No. 7 released

Author: JT Smith

It's at Seul.org. Among the items: "Many research labs have what can best be described as a heterogenous computing environment. In the limnology group that I worked in as
a graduate student, we had a few machines running the MacOS, others running Win 95 or NT, with a DOS machine or two thrown in for
good measure. Although Linux can integrate nicely in such an environment (I had run Samba on an old 486 machine running Linux to
facilitate file sharing for my research work at the time, and was planning on trying out Netatalk with our mac box in the lab, for instnace), it
would be very useful to be able to make use of the potential of X in such a setting. WeirdX presents itself as a Java-based X-server which
can be used on these and other operating systems."


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