September 10, 2013

Linux From Scratch 7.4 is Available

Linux From Scratch is famous for being hard. While most distributions have tried to dumb down their system for the inexperienced, LFS has stayed true to its original vision, almost. Yet very few reviews appear for this venerable project. Well, version LFS 7.4 was recently released and perhaps some attention might help.

Linux From Scratch is a true source distribution. The book (that Linux From Scratch actually is) links to the source code at their project home. By the time someone downloads all the package and patches, they may be scared off, but if one takes the time to read the book, they'll discover most everything they need to get up and running is right there in black and white. Sure, previous Linux experience helps, but I was a newbie when I installed Gentoo the first time and still a bit green in many areas when I installed and reviewed (using the term loosely) LFS. So, anyone, even a complete newcomer can install Linux From Scratch.


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