October 3, 2001

The Linux Show calls for political action, Disney boycott

Author: JT Smith

The Linux Show is calling on the Linux communities to boycott the Walt Disney Corporation for its participation in drafting the Security Systems Standards Certification Act (SSSCA). From the press release posted at LinuxPR: "SSSCA when combined
with UCITA legislation and the DMCA could be disastrous for our community,
consumers around the world, and even existence of the Internet as we now know
it. This is BAD legislation that if passed could make much of the existing Open
Source software in the world illegal, well at least illegal in the US. These combined
legislation of these three, WILL put a strangle hold on innovation and CONTROL
of the IT industry and the Internet itself into the hands of a few government
bureaucrats and multinational companies. Folks they are attempting to turn our
computers into Web TV boxes and turn the Internet into another broadcast medium
for the major networks and content owner/providers."


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