The Linux Show is dying


Author: Joe Barr

The Linux Show — an original Internet radio offering — is shutting down. It’s been part of the Linux and Internet scene for seven years, but it has run into financial difficulties, and a lack of sponsors makes it impossible to continue.

Jeff Gerhardt announced at the top of the show last night that the show is coming to an end, with only three more broadcasts to come before it becomes only a memory.

Gerhardt explained that normally TLS gets a third of its expenses covered through vendor support, another third from listener donations, and the final third coming from an ISP that he is part-owner of.

He said this year has turned out to be a particularly bad year, during which Sun Microsystems has refused to pay TLS money it had earlier promised, and vendor support has virtually disappeared. He attributes the problems to retaliation for remarks made on the show.

Gerhardt noted that if by some miracle, an angel with $25,000 to give the show appeared, it could stay around. He said he is assuming that is not going to happen.

The last show is scheduled for December 21.
There is a chance the show might return in the future, Gerhardt said, but that would be after bankruptcy proceedings.


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