November 26, 2008

Linux shows staying power on Top500

When I was a reporter a few years ago, I began covering the fast rise of Linux to dominance on the Top500 Supercomputer list. Since the list comes out every six months, I would end up getting a response like, ââ¬ÅIs it that time of year again already?ââ¬Â to which I would respond, yes. My previous editorââ¬â¢s exasperation aside, I thought it was incredibly significant to see Linux with as much if not more dominance as Microsoft in a market. The fact that itââ¬â¢s the high end of high-performance computing (HPC) only increases the significance, in my opinion, since it is generally a harbinger of things to come in more mainstream enterprise IT. So, is it that time of year again? You bet.



  • Linux
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