August 14, 2001

Linux software provider ICS expands its software engineering courses

Author: JT Smith

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), the developer of BX PRO, the industry's leading GUI builder for OSF/Motif® on Linux and UNIX systems, announced today the addition of six new Software Engineering courses to its technology training services. The new hands-on courses are: Fundamentals of XML, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML, Object-Oriented Programming C+ +, Advance C+ +, Design Patterns C+ +, and C+ + for non-programmers. These six new courses, along with the rest of the courses offered, are custom designed for professional software developers. ICS' onsite training brings expert instructors that give real world problems to students and encourages students to bring current projects that they have into their class. Gerry Pintal, Vice President of Services, commented on the new courses and training services offered by ICS,

"These new course offerings extend our dedication to being on the forefront of training. As the high tech industry continues to produce new developments in computer languages, methods and techniques, the learning demands on software developers continue to challenge developers at all levels. Our goal is to assist our customers in meeting the fast pace technological demands of today and tomorrow."

In addition to its excellent training curriculum, ICS also provides quality consulting and project implementation services, which further assists developers in achieving their project and personal goals. For more information on ICS, its products and services, you can reach us at: 800.800.4271, visit ICS' web site at: or email us at:

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