August 7, 2003

Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) Releases Version 4.0

SAN FRANCISCO, CA ââ¬â August 6, 2003 ââ¬â In a move that will create more IT options for a variety of users, the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) announced the release of LTSP 4.0. The latest version of LTSPââ¬â¢s thin-client technology for Linux boasts faster configuration, more flexibility and smarter utilities.

"LTSP fulfills a critical need to have reliable, powerful, low-cost deployment options for Linux,ââ¬? said Jim McQuillan, LTSP project lead. ââ¬ÅVersion 4.0 delivers even more power and functionality for Linux-based thin clientsââ¬?

LTSP 4.0 is built entirely from source, allowing more flexibility to run on different platforms and offers complete customization by the user. New features for LTSP 4.0 include an LTSP Build Environment, which allows administrators to build local applications and customize LTSP for their particular needs; smarter server configurations utilities and a faster build environment.

The latest version of LTSP has new utilities that make configuring the thin-client environment easier and delivers more power, speed and flexibility throughout the system. LTSP 4.0 also features new ââ¬ÅScreen Scriptsââ¬? that offer the administrator control over what applications run on an individual terminal and a more advanced file parser. LTSP 4.0 will now run on any Linux distribution that has a gcc compiler, increasing its flexibility.

"LTSP 4.0 allows administrators to customize every virtual terminal on its system to run different applications," said Ron Colcernian, LTSP project lead and president of "It was designed to give users, administrators and developers the highest flexibility and customizability possible."

LTSPââ¬â¢s thin-client technology increases deployment options for business, education and government. LTSP 4.0 adds the functionality and power that enables Linux to run thin clients successfully. It is the standard for thin client technology for Linux.

About the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)

Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) delivers advanced thin-client capabilities to Linux, increasing deployment options for business, education and government. LTSP is an open source project that develops its technology in a free, non-proprietary fashion. Headquartered in southeastern Michigan, LTSP fulfills a critical need by providing attractive, powerful and cost-effective deployment options for Linux. More information on LTSP is available at

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