June 27, 2001

Linux Terminal Server for schools to be released

Author: JT Smith

Paul Nelson tells us about this announcement: K12LTSP
is an easy to install, Linux based terminal server package designed for
schools. It comes ready to run with lots of programs for classroom use.
It works with low maintenance, diskless workstations that are immune to
viruses and mischievous student tampering. K12LTSP is based on RedHat
7.1 (www.redhat.com), StarOffice 5.2
from Sun microsystems (www.sun.com/staroffice)
and the Linux Terminal Server Project (www.ltsp.org).
It is completely free. Installation CD-Roms
may be downloaded from our web site at www.k12ltsp.org.
K12LTSP offers a point and click interface
based on the GNOME (www.gnome.org)
desktop and a complete package of applications useful for classrooms.
StarOffice 5.2 is included providing word processing, spreadsheet and
presentation tools that are compatible with other popular office suites.
Once the K12LTSP server package is
installed schools may access it from legacy PC hardware and/or purchase
new workstations for under $200. With all the applications running on
the server, K12LTSP provides an inexpensive way for schools to extend
the life of aging computers. The speed of the server determines the
application speed, not the client.
A typical lab installation of K12LTSP for
20 workstations would cost $6,000
($2,000 server, 20 clients @ $200 each).
A typical lab installation of Windows98
for 20 workstations would cost $20,000.
($800 per workstation + $200 or more for software)
Initial cost savings in hardware and
software will be augmented by long term savings in lower maintenance
costs. K12LTSP servers allow for easy remote administration. This means
that teachers can focus on students rather than keeping the classroom
computers running.
To celebrate the launch of K12LTSP and to
help schools build servers and workstations we will distribute over 1000
FREE Xeon and Celeron processors donated by Intel through the STRUT
program (Students Recycling Used Technology).
(www.strut.org for STRUT info)
for free CPU info.)
K12LTSP was created as a volunteer project
by two educators, Eric Harrison from the Multnomah County Education
Service District and Paul Nelson from the Riverdale School District. It
is an offshoot of another volunteer effort, the Linux Terminal Server
Project. (www.ltsp.org)
K12LTSP Open House - July 4th 9-11am at
Riverdale School
URL: http://www.k12ltsp.org/openhouse.html
Contact Information:
URL: www.k12ltsp.org
Paul Nelson pnelson@riverdale.k12.or.us
Riverdale School District www.riverdale.k12.or.us
11733 SW Breyman Ave.
Portland, OR 97219
Eric Harrison eharrison@mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Multnomah County Education Service District www.mesd.k12.or.us
P.O. Box 301039
11611 NE Ainsworth Circle
Portland Oregon 97220
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