August 5, 2005

Linux Test Project August Release Announcement

Marty Ridgeway writes "The Linux Test Project test suite, ltp-20050804, has been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2900+ tests for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as: test results, a Linux test tools matrix, technical papers and HowTos on Linux testing, and a code coverage analysis tool. You can also download a nightly cvs snapshot now here.

- Applied fix from Greg Edwards for 64bit execution.
- self_exec magic required to run child functions on uClinux
- Applied patch from Mike Frysinger:trying to do a build on uClibc will abort in lib/tlibio.c because we dont
    provide aio.h find attached a patch which updates the check to include UCLIBC alongside
- remove call to script that checks for obscure c++ rpms
- remove all references to and creation of non-std /usr/local/bin/perl5
- fix ballista.cpp to not core dump with std c++ lib
- fix to add librt to MakefileTarget for running aio_suspend test:missing clock_gettime on linux
- remove printf.h and stdio.h from testcases/commands/ade/ld/rd1.c.
- Change to fix the addition of 2 minutes without going over 60 for the seconds
- patch to fix up the install target in disktest to match the install targets of everything else
- patch to fix writetest Makefile to not always rebuild the writetest binary
    regardless of whether you ran `make` or `make install` or whatever
- newer toolchains complain about redefining 'log' since it's a math function
    provided by the libc find attached a simple patch to rename the 'log' variable in
    testcases/kernel/ipc/ipc_stress/message_queue_test _04.c to 'logit'
- when running make in silent mode (make -s) the verbose mode of AR 'gets in the
    way' attached patch drops the -v and adds -c so that ar wont display the 'ar:
    creating blah.a' message either
- the current mallocstress.c emits a warning about newsize being used
    uninitialized because gcc doesnt detect the abort(0) path
    find attached a simple patch to prevent the warning from being issued
- Running nptl01 can fail if the test lasts longer than 300 seconds, patch to lower interations to 100000.
- Fixed clone04 to return correct failure code."


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