July 10, 2003

Linux Test Project July Release Announcement

Robbie Williamson writes "The Linux Test Project test suite has been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2000+ tests for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as: test results, a Linux test tools matrix, an area for keeping up with fixes for known blocking problems in the 2.5 kernel releases, technical papers and HowTos on Linux testing, and a code coverage analysis tool.
  • Inclusion of the OpenHPI (Hardware Platform Interface) Test Suite.
  • New tests for PCI, USB, ACPI, and the NLS filesystem
  • Fixes and code cleanups for IA64 and PowerPC64
  • More script-based tests updated to use the test harness APIs
  • A new logo!

We encourage the community to post results, patches or new tests on our mailing list and use the CVS bug tracking facility to report problems that you might encounter with the test suite."

Link: ltp.sf.net

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