July 8, 2004

Linux Test Project July Release Announcement

Marty Ridgeway writes

"The Linux Test Project test suite, ltp-20040707, has been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2100+ tests for the Linux OS. Our web
site also contains other information such as: test results, a Linux test tools matrix, technical papers and HowTos on Linux testing, and a code
coverage analysis tool. We encourage the community to post results, and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to to our mailing list.

  • Added a new test for bind() written by Dan Jones.
  • - Jacky Malcles added support for ext3 and some cleanup code.
  • Fixes to fix DMAPI defect
  • Changes for eliminating dmapi.h
  • Applied patch from Gary Williams to change malloc() to calloc() b/c some
        archs don't like the use of uninitialized memory.
  • Fix typo and change i to a 1 in the bufcmp function in diotest_routines.c
  • Applied patch from Gary Williams that added an optional forth arguement to
      semctl as a union, not a pointer to pointer, b/c pointer to pointer causes ppc
      to explode. Union will automagically interpret the union as a pointer as
      necessary....now works on multiple archs.
  • - Made sure that the shm segment is cleaned up if the shmat() fails.
  • Applied patch from Wu Zhou to correctly cleanup in case of a failure.
  • Added definition for SHM_HUGETLB for cases where this is not defined.
  • Applied patch from Steve Hill and Gary Williams for MIPS.
  • Applied a timing fix to allow the test to run on more architectures.
  • Applied results cleanup patch from Gary Williams.
  • Corrected the logic in the test to use -lepoll or not.
  • Applied PASS message cleanup patch from Gary Williams
  • Fix invalid syntax "if undefined" in modify_ldt tests
  • Applied patch from Gary Williams for personality() tests to initialize
        PER_LINUX so we can clearly see if the desired changes occur.
  • Updated to Posixtestsuite-1.4.3"

Link: Linux Test Project

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