March 7, 2002

The Linux Test project ltp-20020307 released

Author: JT Smith

Robbie Williamson writes: The Linux Test project ltp-20020307 has been
released. For more information about the Linux Test
Project, or to download the testsuite, see our website at This release includes
enhancements to the test driver, pan, that allow for more
control over testing duration. Additional tests have been
added that cover disk I/O, semaphores, signals, Streamed
Controlled Transmission Protocol (SCTP), and tools for the
scheduler. Numerous posted bugs were also addressed and
closed in this release, as well.

We have added a new mailing list for the purpose of
publishing and requesting test results
( ). This list was
created to act as a convenient way of keeping a central,
archived place, where anyone can publish the results of
tests being run on Linux. This list may also serve as a
place for developers to request others to test their
patches, then reply to the list with results. We encourage
everyone in the Linux Community to start actively testing
Linux and publishing the results of those tests. In
addition to this list, we've also added a page of expected
LTP failures to the website ( ),
and a link to a whitepaper that details enterprise level
testing in Linux
( priseWhitePaperv.07.html ).

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