December 23, 2006

The Linux Test project ltp-20061222 Released

Anonymous Reader writes "The Linux Test Project test suite has
been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2900+ tests
for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as:
  • A Linux test tools matrix
  • Technical papers
  • How To's on Linux testing
  • Code coverage analysis tool.

We encourage the community to post results to,
and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to
See ChangeLog Below

  • fix from Steven J. Hill use memset() instead of bzero()
    . netsync.c
  • cleanup style
    . lftest.c
  • fix by Will Newton to just use a normal anonymous mapping
    . mmap09.c
  • do not use variable names the same as system functions (like stime() or utime())
    . pan.c, tag_report.c, pipeio.c, fptest01.c, netpipe.c
  • fix from Jane Lv: large buffers on the stack make uClinux cry
    . lftest.c
  • A fix for Bug 29489 that updates syslogtst.c for syslog-ng on SLES 10
    . syslogtst.c
  • Multiple Makefiles had clean up changes made
  • scrub references to _syscall2
    . sysfs01.c, sysfs02.c, sysfs03.c, sysfs04.c, sysfs05.c, sysfs06.c
  • use = rather than == when testing for equality in portable shell scripts as the latter is not POSIX
    . ar01, cron_allow01, cron_deny01, su01, fs_di, fsxtest,,,,, syslog01, syslog02, syslog03, syslog04, syslog05, syslog06, syslog07, syslog08, syslog09, syslog10,, mc_commo,, nfs01, nfs02, nfs03, nfs04, nfsstat01, nfsstress, ftp03, ftp04, ftp05, rwho01,,,,,,, mkrootfs
  • put -L path to ltp in LDLIBS for now (even though it is wrong) ... need to find out what LDFLAGS isnt properly being incremented
    . Makefile
  • this uses bashisms so make sure we require bash
  • use memcmp() instead of legacy bcmp()
    . fsx-linux.c, fsx-linux.c, symlink01.c, fsx-linux.c
  • use syscall() instead of _syscall#()
    . HTaffinity.c
  • Rename mknod01.c to mknodat01.c for bug # 30083
    . mknod01.c, mknodat01.c
  • tweak cnt decrement to be POSIX friendly



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