January 2, 2008

The Linux Test project ltp-20071231 released

Author: JT Smith

Notes from the Maintainer:

Last month saw huge set of new test cases being added to LTP. Thanks everybody for your

contributions. The trend will continue to be the same in Jan 2008 with fallocate(), CPU controller

and probably dlopen() test cases pouring in. We are also trying to close down the observable

Broken test cases behavior in some test cases by Jan 2008 end, and, some Infrastructural

improvements also. LTP will also see getting more generalized/effective for s390x architecture.

Discussion is on with Rusty Russell for increasing LTP code coverage apart from adding new

test cases.

From this release onwards we will provide a complete patch which can be applied to the earlier

release to arrive at the latest release. Eg: You can apply ltp-full-20071231.patch on ltp-full-20071130

to create ltp-full-20071231.

As we move into a new year, we promise to make LTP more effective for testing our dear Linux.

Release Highlights:

* Real Time Linux Test Cases added,

* PIDNAMESPACE Test Cases added,

* New NUMA Testcases added,

* sendfile05, sendfile06 and sendfile07 for sendfile and sendfile64 syscall new test cases added,

* Se-linux Reference Policy Test Cases Updates, and other fixes.

Happy testing,

Regards & Thanks-- Subrata Modak :-)

Link: ltp.sf.net


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