March 8, 2005

Linux Test Project March Release

Marty Ridgeway writes " The Linux Test Project test suite, ltp-20050307, has been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2900+ tests for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as: test results, a Linux test tools matrix, technical papers and HowTos on Linux testing, and a code coverage analysis tool. You can also download a nightly cvs snapshot now here. We encourage the community to post results, and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to to our mailing list.

- Added -v option to LTP, fixed -s option
- Removed fcntl16 until testcase can be fixed/changed.
- Fix for defect 14136, growfiles expanding a file past the 2G limit on ext2
- Applied patch from Marcus Meissner for SF bug #1114114
- Applied patch from David Miller for sigaction problems
- Applied a patch from Suzuki Kp to resolve some race/signal handling conditions
- In adapting specific LTP tests to uClinux running on Analog Devices'
    Blackfin processor, we found a problem in mount01 where malloc was not
    reserving space for the trailing null byte and strncpy was being called
    without enough bytes to account for the trailing null byte. The
    following patch fixes the problem
- Increased USER_PRECISION to 2200 to take into account the processes switching time nanosleep02
- The attached patch fixes a swapon cross compile build error I ran into
    recently. I verified that RH9 self hosted and cross compile builds now
- Removed the include of back out. Most distros and kernels
    can build and execute the test without it now.
- Change for defect 13778, when the/var/log/messages file is first moved, the first write fails
- The SIGINT sighandler will set the "intinitr" flag to 1 for the children. But if the
    "runtime" is small( a command line argument passed, the testcases were running
    for 5 secs here), it may happen that the SIGINT may be recieved before the
    child initialize the flag to 0, and which may lead to a hang
- Change to exclude lib6 directory from default build since it breaks earlier Distros
- Added code to handle cases where certain distros don't define AI_V4MAPPED in/usr/include/netdb.h

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