March 6, 2006

Linux Test Project March Release Announcement

Marty Ridgeway writes "The Linux Test Project test suite, ltp-20060306, has been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2900+ tests for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as: test results, a Linux test tools matrix, technical papers and HowTos on Linux testing, and a code coverage analysis tool. You can also download a nightly cvs snapshot now here.

- Applied an update to allow people to automatically declare the CREATE variable in
- export a bunch of settings by default that since they are harmless
- allow people to store custom settings in
- move rec_signal/send_signal out of zoolib.h and into pan.c since only pan.c uses them and more than just pan.c includes zoolib.h
- Fix from Jackie Malcles, no such file or directory error
- make sure clean descends into the templates dir
- cleanup CRLFs from end of lines,
- fix dependency tracking so targets arent rebuilt all the time
- Applied LDFLAG cleanup patch from Mike Frysinger.
- set default Debug level to off
- fix warning: growfiles.c:357: warning: unused variable `opterr'
- use errno.h instead of doing extern int errno
- cut extraneous newlines from test output
- kill off unused strings msg1 and msg2
- cleanup test output by adding a lot more useful debug info
- use proper test output routines rather than homebrewed printf statements
- use proper tst_* functions for output
- fix for defect 21622, insufficient timeout value
- tighten up uClinux disabled messages
- fixes by Jane Lv to disable EFAULT related tests on uClinux
- cleanup debug output that shouldnt be shown at normal runtime
- make the -F option a bit smarter
- remove extraneous output and improve output when we do issue messages
- Jane Lv writes: I have patched flock03.c and sched_setparam05.c to replace fork() by vfork() on uClinux.
- calculate TST_TOTAL based upon the number of elements in the test array instead of hardcoding the value
- use TFAIL instead of TINFO to report test failures in getcwd02
- fix test on x86_64 and make error output a bit more helpful in gettimeofday
- New Memory mapping testcases.
- Jane Lv writes: use FORK_OR_VFORK() instead of fork() so this stuff works on uClinux
- need to define _GNU_SOURCE before including features.h or sigset prototype is missed
- patched flock03.c and sched_setparam05.c to replace fork() by vfork() on uClinux.
- use syscall() instead of _syscall2() to improve portability
- define INVALID_ADDRESS to get rid of warnings on 32bit hosts and make it more sane in general
- Fix for defect 21134, look for syslog-ng instead of syslogd on some systems.
- if a test failed as a non-root user and the reason was EPERM, then mark the test as PASS, not FAIL
    (security-minded kernels often restrict kernel buffer access for non-root users)
- fix test on 64bit hosts in syslog12"


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