May 7, 2004

Linux Test Project May Release Announcement

Marty Ridgeway writes "LTP-20040506 Changelog...
  • Corrected a bug fix, so that the script ends correctly and returns a 0 or 1 depending on PASS/FAIL result.
  • Applied bug fixes from Gernot Payer
  • Changes for parameters passed to aio-sparse for correct offsets and restrictions on sizes.
  • Changes to fix error "invalid argument" on parameters for aiodio_sparse tests
  • Relocated the acl tests to/kernel/fs
  • Added initial drop of DMapi testcases
  • Applied fix from Joe Habermann for the "v" option, where in some cases the routine, sy_mmrw, will pass sbuf.st_size for the msync length without first having done the fstat to populate sbuf.
  • Changes to have the directio run a pre-defined number of iterations for more complete testing
  • Fix too many open filehandle problem on direct io tests
  • Created a second test that checks how huge pages are mapped in 32-bit and 64-bit processes.
  • Added new test for testing that a normal mmap cannot be mapped into a high memory region.
  • Added test to map a file to the max size possible.
  • Made the tests 64bot friendly.
  • Added tests for shmat() calls using hugetlb.
  • Corrected tests to allow EACCES or EPERM, which is documented in POSIX.
  • Update open_posix_tests to 1.4.1"



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