Linux Test Project November Release Announcement

Marty Ridgeway writes “LTP-20041105 changelog below
– Added extensive syscall testsuite (Ballista)
– Added new tests to EPoll testsuite
– Applied long path name patch from Michael Vieths
– Removed the requirement to have “.” listed as the first directory, since it is not a documented requirement.
– GetDents01 – Used _syscall3() to allow this test to run on non-x86 archs.
– Applied message formatting patch from Gordon Jin.
– Applied IA64 specific patch from Jacky Malcles.
– Fixes from Chris Wright for swapon02 failures
– Restored the compile settings for Linux2.4/GLIBC2.2 and created a new one for Linux/GLIBC2.3 Removed -fwritable-strings
    and -DGLIBC=22 flags from compile.
– Applied a patch from Zhao Kai that added a pause to allow for testing on installations with improved PAM security.”