September 26, 2006

Linux Test Project September Release Announcement

Michael Reed writes "ChangeLog...
  • Code was added to disable tests that will not run on kernels versions lower
    than 2.6.16
    fstatat01.c, vmsplice01.c, unlinkat01.c, mkdirat01.c, mkdirat01.c,
    readlinkat01.c,futimesat01.c,renameat01.c,openat01 .c, openat01.c,
    symlinkat01.c,faccessat01.c, timer_create02.c, fchmodat01.c,
    symlinkat01.c,faccessat01.c, timer_create02.c, fchmodat01.c,
    splice01.c, tee01.c, mknod01.c
  • The following new test cases for 2.6.17 kernels and above were created by
    Yi CDL Yang
    fstatat01.c, vmsplice01.c, unlinkat01.c, mkdirat01.c, mkdirat01.c,
    readlinkat01.c,futimesat01.c,renameat01.c,openat01 .c, openat01.c, fchownat01.c
    symlinkat01.c,faccessat01.c, timer_create02.c, fchmodat01.c, splice01.c,
    tee01.c, mknod01.c
  • Changes were made to several files to make them easier to read
  • Changes were made to remove DOS ^M
    ltp-run-files.txt, self_exec.c, Makefile,, str_agp.h, tagp.h,
    Makefile, user_tagp.h, pci-exp-tests-HOWTO, Makefile, README,,, README, Makefile, README, common.h, README.1ST, mem03.c,
    README, ltpClient.c, ltpServer.c
  • Changes made by Jacky Malcles that let fun this scenario
  • -Changes made to linux __NR_ logic here
    Makefile,,, linux_syscall_numbers.h, order,,,,,,,,,
  • Changes were made to Define _GNU_SOURCE if not already defined
    chmod05.c, chmod06.c, fchmod05.c, fchmod06.c, fcntl17.c, llseek01.c,
    llseek02.c, mount03.c
  • Generate script into generic shell and make sure we still work even if host
    lacks perl
  • A patch by jiang guowei for mmap1.c. It makes the option -v valid.Otherwise,
    when you type mmap1 -v in command line,it will show:invalid option.More
    detail,please see bug 1541053.
  • Applied a patch to fix bug #14744
  • Changed Makefile to standard LTP makefile and fixed a build problem with the
    new lock tests
  • Changes made to several Makefiles to force CFLAGS/LIBS to be evaluated
    once rather than everytime they are used
  • Standardize makefiles (punt UCLINUX/COLDFIRE cruft, build everything with
    "-Wall" and user-optimizations, remove pointless targets in favor of
    implicit ones, etc...) Makefiles
  • Adding files for Mitsu's networking tests.
    00_Descriptions.txt, Makefile, broken_ip4-checksum, broken_ip4-dstaddr,
    broken_ip4-fragment, broken_ip4-ihl, broken_ip4-protcol, broken_ip4-totlen,
    broken_ip4-version, broken_ip6-dstaddr, broken_ip6-nexthdr, broken_ip6-plen,
    broken_ip6-version, Makefile, 00_Descriptions.txt, Makefile,
    route4-change-dst,route4-change-gw, route4-change-if, route4-ifdown,
    route4-redirect, route4-rmmod, route6-change-dst, route6-change-gw,
    route6-change-if, route6-ifdown, route6-redirect, route6-rmmod
  • Add a common header for __NR defines
    fchownat01.c, fstatat01.c, futimesat01.c, mkdirat01.c, mknod01.c,
    openat01.c, splice01.c, tee01.c, common_timers.h
  • Added a patch by Mitsuru Chinen that added the Absolute path to execute sshd
    daemon ssh4-stress
  • This patch adds brackets because some versions of ssh requires square brackes
    around the IPv6 address.
  • Changes are made to try to load .ko modules before .o as pointed out by HK,,,,,
  • Additional changes for uClinux fixes from Jane Lv
    access05.c, chdir04.c, chroot03.c, creat06.c, mkdir03.c, mknod06.c,
    nanosleep03.c, open08.c, pause02.c, rename08.c, rmdir02.c, sigrelse01.c,
    sockioctl01.c, stat03.c, statfs02.c
  • Made changes to clean up the makefile, clean up source code warnings, and
    add better libc/libepoll detection
    CheckVer.c, Makefile, epoll-ltp.c
  • A fix by Jeff Bailey for my previous breakage of install target in Multiple
  • A patch was created tomake errno failure message more helpful
  • A patch that sets the constant PAGE_SIZE to the kernel its running on
  • Changes were made to remove extraneous whitespace
    Makefile, pth_str01.c, pth_str02.c, pth_str03.c
  • A patch was created to move common defines/functions/etc... to one header
    file so we have to get it right just once
    clock_gettime02.c, clock_gettime03.c, clock_settime02.c, clock_settime03.c,
    common_timers.h, timer_create02.c, timer_create03.c, timer_create04.c,
    timer_delete02.c, timer_delete03.c, timer_settime02.c, timer_settime03.c
  • Adding files for Mitsur's networking tests
    00_Descriptions.txt, Makefile, mcast4-grpope01, mcast4-grpope02,
    mcast4-grpope03, mcast4-grpope04, mcast6-grpope01, mcast6-grpope02,
    mcast6-grpope03, mcast6-grpope04, 00_Descriptions.txt, Makefile,
    mcast4-pktfld01,mcast4-pktfld02, mcast6-pktfld01, mcast6-pktfld02,
    00_Descriptions.txt, Makefile, mcast4-queryfld01, mcast4-queryfld02,
    cast4-queryfld03, mcast4-queryfld04, mcast4-queryfld05, mcast4-queryfld06,
    mcast6-queryfld01, mcast6-queryfld02, mcast6-queryfld03, mcast6-queryfld04,
    mcast6-queryfld05, mcast6-queryfld06
  • A change was made to use __linux__ preprocessor from toolchain itself rather
    than a local custom _LINUX
    Makefile, sched_tc0.c, sched_tc1.c, sched_tc2.c, sched_tc3.c, sched_tc4.c,
    sched_tc5.c, sched_tc6.c
  • A fix type of option_message
  • Changes were made to cleanup source code
    domount.c, getopt.c
  • A patch that addes new functionality into the NFSvf lock tests. -fixes bugs -
    adds the capability to stress a server with multiple clients
    DEPLOY, Makefile, README, VERSION, locktests, locktests.c, locktests.h,, netsync.c, locktests-2.tar.gz
  • Changes to shmt09 were made by Marc Tardiff. Refer to the cvs log file
    for more details. Tested successfully on sparc and i386 architectures.
  • Changes were made to shmt09 to account for ppc64
  • Added a warning to those who wish to fiddle
  • Changes were made to declare splice for new vmsplice test,, linux_syscall_numbers.h,,,,,, stub-list,
  • Changes were made to add cast to shutup warning
    timer_delete03.c, timer_settime03.c
  • A fix was made to remove trailing whitespace
    clock_gettime02.c, clock_gettime03.c, clock_settime02.c, clock_settime03.c,
    timer_create02.c, timer_create03.c, timer_create04.c, timer_delete02.c,
    timer_delete03.c, timer_settime02.c, timer_settime03.c
  • Fixes taken from Yi CDL Yang and create a CLOCK list for people to use
    as well as a func to turn a clock value into a string
  • Changes were made to unify the scripts and use the new top level
    make-files script, Makefile,, Makefile,, nfs02, Makefile,, Makefile,, Makefile,, Makefile,
  • Patches were submitted Mitsuru Chinen writes: As an end-of-line semicolon
    is missing, compiling asapi_06.c is failed.
  • Patches were submitted Mitsuru Chinen writes: It seems that the contents
    of runtest/ipv6_lib gets old. Currently, there is no test named lib6,
    but more tests are available in testcases/network/lib6 directory.



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