June 10, 2002

Linux Test Project test suite released

The Linux Test Project test suite LTP-20020607.tgz has been released.
Visit our website to download the latest
version of the test suite, and, for information on test results on pre
release, release candidate and stable releases of the kernel.
There is also a list of test cases that are expected to fail, please find the
list at http://ltp.sourceforge.net/expected-errors.php

The highlights of this release are:

White paper titled "Analysis of Linux Test Projects Kernel Code
Coverage" This analysis paper aims at identifying areas in the
kernel that are currently tested by LTP and also identify areas that
require attention.

LTP's Kernel code coverage web site
http://ltp.sf.net/coverage/index.html. Provides a testcase for each
kernel source file mapping.
LTP is available in i386 binary RPM format for download. Also, the
LTP source RPM and spec file are available for download to allow
binary RPM builds.
Linux Test Tools Table. A comprehensive list of tools and
testsuites available to test Linux.
MIPS, s390 and 64-bit x86 updates.

We encourage the community to post results, patches or new tests on
our mailing list and use the CVS bug tracking facility to report problems
that you might encounter with the test suite. More details available at
our web-site.

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