July 27, 2001

Linux Today readers circulate petition

Author: JT Smith

Dean Pannell (a.k.a. dinotrac) writes, "In the wake of last week's story about Linux Today staffers secretly posting talkbacks in an apparent effort to manipulate Linux Today readers, two members of the Linux Today community have drafted a petition:

"Linux Today is not just another web site. Linux Today has been a valuble resource for the Linux community from its inception. We, who have begun and signed this petition, are members of the Linux commnity. Many of us are more than that. We are members of the Linux Today community. We have enjoyed Linux Today's service, and we have participated in its forums. Some of us have contributed articles.

"By our participation, we have contributed to Linux Today's quality and we have gained a stake in its welfare. We wish to see Linux Today continue as a lively and honest touchpoint for years to come.

"Those wishing to sign the petition can send an e-mail to LTpetition@netscape.net.

"For these reasons, we ask that Linux Today and internet.com step forward and set the record straight."

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