June 7, 2006

Linux UMPC Updated

Anonymous Reader writes "Though it is just 2.2 lbs the Pepper Pad 3 is touted as a full featured handheld device which is capable of surfing the internet, music/video playback, photo viewing, and emailing. This device is controlled with a split QWERTY keyboard and 7" (800x480 WVGA) touch screen and also houses a 20 GB hard drive and built-in speakers. The Pepper Pad 3 features a number of differences from the previous version, a device which was very well received by most users. The foremost of the changes is that the new version is smaller, but also it has moved from an Intel XScale PXA270 (624 Mhz) processor to an AMD Geode LX800, which is said to give excellent performance-per-watt. This change, coupled with a new lithium ion battery is said to allow the Pad to offer 50% more battery life."

Link: xyzcomputing.com


  • Linux
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