April 17, 2002

Linux use and administration course for Spanish-speaking participants

A course in Spanish in the use and administration of Linux is to be
offered in Colombia. The website is at Sanmartin.edu.
The course has four parts (the first three are on the Internet, the last one in Bogotá):

* April 20 - April 30:  Preparation (Internet tools used in the
course, and autoclassification for the next level)
* May 10 - June 26: Basic Linux (the main objective is to install
Linux in the student's own computer)
* July 4 - August 23: Administration of Linux (the main objective is
to administer a Linux server connected to Internet)
* September: Installation of a Linux network (the main objective is
to install a Linux network in one of the schools that participate in
this course)

Anyone interested is encouraged to sign up quickly at

Doug Loss                 All I want is a warm bed
Data Network Coordinator  and a kind word and
Bloomsburg University     unlimited power.
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