January 11, 2002

A Linux user at MacWorld

Author: JT Smith

Slashdot has links to a couple of Linux at MacWorld stories, including one at LinuxJournal.com. From that one: "In past years at Macworld my Linux Journal shirt would have seemed
more out of place than a leisure suit. But this year it fits right in. There
were people in line wearing Sun and SGI schwag too. One guy told me
he thought OS X was 'subversive' because it 'seeds' millions of
otherwise unsuspecting households with open-source UNIX. 'I can go
to my Mom's, fire up her iMac, open a shell, ssh to my own server and
get some real work done', one guy said to me. Ahead in line a kid parked
an iBook on a recycling bin, turning it this way and that, looking for an
802.11b signal. On one corner of the laptop's lid was a little blue 'Linux
Inside' sticker."
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