October 12, 2000

Linux users and vendors from around the country gather at LUG fest

Author: JT Smith

On October 28, 2000 the Simi Conejo Linux Users' Group will be hosting LUG Fest III in Simi Valley, California. A LUG Fest is an
opportunity for Linux users to demonstrate Linux (or other Open Source operating systems), Linux applications, attend seminars, and BOF
(Birds Of a Feather) sessions. Additionally, Linux vendors may participate and show off their wares.

SCLUG is looking for persons willing to demonstrate their favorite application, and vendors willing to show off their latest and greatest
Linux wares. If you have got amazing and awesome skills with a Linux application such as GIMP, Samba, or any other Linux application, we
would love to have you volunteer for a seminar. If you are a vendor with a cool Linux product, we would love you to have a table.

LUG Fest II was twice the size of the original LUG Fest. People came from Orange County, Santa Barbara, Santa Clarita, the South Bay area,
and all points in between in California, and from areas outside California as well. Many Linux vendors donated items for give aways and
raffles. Several vendors who came with their wares were Corel, eLinux.com, VMware, Loki Entertainment, and Magic Software. We need YOUR
help to make number III even better!

If you have a special skill with Linux or a Linux application, or if you are a Linux vendor who would like to show off your products, SCLUG
would love to have you participate in the October LUG Fest! We have doubled the area available for the LUG Fest, so we have plenty of room
for you to show off your skills or products!

LUG Fest is put together by a local Linux Users' Group and the main focus of the event is Linux. However we do welcome participants and
attendees from other open source/free OS communities.

For more information please visit the LUG Fest web site at link or email Gareth at gareth@wiked.org. Thank you and we
hope to see you there! -Ilan Rabinovitch

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