Linux Users Require BIOS Update from ASUS

Werner Heuser writes “Heise News says that
“Linux user Herman Sheremetyev has founded a
Petition to ASUS to Fix the BIOS for Asus M6000N(e) Series Notebooks.” The current BIOS doesn’t comply fully to the ACPI standard
and makes it impossible to check the battery state correctly.
Linux laptop and notebook users often face bad ACPI implemantations, serious problems with
fan, CPU frequency scaling and battery state are the most common.
ASUS has become wellknown in the Linux community,
because their laptops and notebooks have been available
without Microsoft-Tax for many years, but ASUS has withdrawn
this opportunity recently (there are vendors like Xtops.DE,
which may provide some opportunities still). Almost 700 people have subscribed the petitition
already. I wish it will become as successful as the
Petition to Intel to provide Linux support for the Centrino(tm)technology. This petition has got almost 10,000 subscribers, now Intel is
providing Linux support for all three Centrino generations finally.”