March 5, 2004

Linux Vendors Rally Around SCO's Targets

Linux vendors as well as leaders of the open-source community have dismissed The
SCO Group Inc.'s latest lawsuits against two Linux users as a last ditch attempt by the Lindon, Utah, company to save itself.

They are also all committed to banding together to fight the company in these and any future lawsuits, and do not believe there will be any slowdown
in corporate Linux adoption.

Eric Raymond, president of the Open Source Initiative, on Wednesday published a letter of support to Steve Odland, president and CEO of AutoZone, on
his Web site, in which he said the Linux community and the wider open-source software movement "regret that you have become the latest victim in the
campaign of barratry, fraud, and stock-kiting that SCO has been waging. We want you to know that you are not alone, and that you have in fact just
made a great many friends.



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