January 6, 2002

Linux version of Space Tripper released

Author: JT Smith

Ben Campbell writes, PomPom software has released a Linux version of their award winning game,
Space Tripper.
Download the demo at http://www.pompom.org.uk

Space Tripper brings you the very best in retro arcade gaming.
No story, No background, No plot and No friends.
It's just blast or be blasted.
Inspired by Williams arcade classic, 'Defender', Space Tripper delivers
probably the most furious shoot-em-up of the modern era, combined with
state of the art graphics.
If you like your video games tough, then this for you.

Everything you need comes included.
A fast, highly maneuverable craft.
Enough firepower to take out the universe.
Absolutely loads of enemies to obliterate, and some seriously mean bosses.
Nothing else comes close for that classic arcade experience.

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