November 20, 2003

Linux veteran tries again

Ransom Love's Linux ideas have come full circle--twice in the space of one month. Love began his Linux career by leaving Novell to help found Linux
seller Caldera in 1994. As chief executive officer, he took the company down a path that forsook its Linux business in favor of Unix. But Love left in
2002, before the company renamed itself SCO Group and launched a legal attack on IBM and the open-source operating system.

Nine years after rejecting Love's idea, Novell concluded that it wants to be a Linux company after all, announcing a plan to acquire second-place SuSE
Linux for $210 million. And Love himself has returned to the Linux camp, joining the board of directors of Progeny, which sells a customizable
operating system product based on the Debian version of Linux.

"It's deja vu," said Love, chuckling over the recent turns of events. Love shared his Linux views in a discussion with CNET



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