August 11, 2004

Linux Web Filtering with DansGuardian and ClamAV

Frank Neugebauer writes "A web filter is software that can filter the type of content a Web browser
displays. The filter checks the content of a Web page against a set of rules
and replaces any unwanted content with an alternative Web page, usually an "Access
Denied" page. The type of content to be filtered is usually controlled
by a systems administrator. Web filters are used in schools, libraries, homes,
and companies to safeguard personnel from obscene content on the Internet. The
combination with different anti virus software makes it even more powerful and
helps to protect our own network against the common threats.

This guide contains all the necessary information for installing and understanding
the architectural layout of the implementation. It was written with the assumption
that you understand how to install programs and have a basic understanding of
Linux Mandrake. This includes installing Linux Mandrake and RPM packages, editing
files, making directories, compiling software and understanding general UNIX
commands. This guide doesnt explain how to use or configure Squid, DansGuardian
and ClamAV but information on where to obtain this information can be found
in the Additional information section."



  • Linux
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