March 9, 2004

Linux, Windows run equal on hosting costs

There's little TCO difference between Linux and Windows, according to a hosting giant but its customers' preferences fall in favour of Windows. open said the open source operating system results in insignificant cost reductions in a hosting environment and most of its customers
prefer to host their sites on Windows.

OzHosting.coms CIO Adam Keher said the acquisition cost of Linux is actually higher than that of Windows.

Linux is more expensive at $45 per server per month for Red Hat compared with $12 to $30 per month for Windows under the service provider licence
agreement, Keher said.

Here, Windows has a lower TCO and delivers the same level of availability and Red Hat only has the option of a 12-month payment cycle. We choose Red
Hat Linux because of the support it offers and how it is certified by hardware vendors.



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