March 29, 2004

Linux World Expo 2004: Singapore and Malaysia

Francis Teo writes
"LinuxWorld Conference & Expo * Singapore and Malaysia 2004: Where Open Minds Meet

Feb 16, 2004 Linux is hitting headlines, and the waves are hitting Asia's shores.
Zenith Events Corporation Ltd will be organizing LinuxWorld Malaysia and Singapore
for the 3rd and 4th time respectively. Featuring a 2 day
conference and showcase, LinuxWorld Malaysia will be held on 11& 12 May
2004 at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. LinuxWorld Singapore will run
shortly after, on 25 &26 May 2004 at Suntec Singapore.

Conference & Expo
is a leading gathering place for anyone and everyone
interested in Linux and other open source technologies. LinuxWorld 2004
brings in new elements apart from the main conference and showcase.
There will be breakout sessions for business/ technical tracks, tutorials
and a business-networking session. Delegates, exhibitors and invited
guests will convene to forge partnerships, close deals and obtain resources
to propel their business forward. Critical topics on enterprise solutions
for Linux, migrating into Linux, desktop Linux, network management and
security issues will be discussed.

Linux has projected a steep growth and usage is pervasive in all sectors. Technology
forerunners are investing in Linux in the areas of robotics, embedded linux,
consumer electronics and not forgetting the growing server and desktop market.
Linux has clearly distinct itself as a promising technology, growing
from strength to strength. There is a growing hunger for businesses to switch
to Linux as they realize that Linux meets their enterprise needs effectively
Derrick Tan, General Manager, Zenith Events Corporation Ltd.

The showcase
at LinuxWorld is open for all trade visitors. There will an ecosystem
of hardware, software vendors, system integrators, and Linux training
providers. Key players in the Linux industry will be present to feature,
demonstrate and share knowledge on the latest products and technology
breakthroughs evolving in the open source sphere.


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