September 29, 2003

Linux for You announces Linux Asia 2004, Open Source Media iniative

Linux For You writes "Linux For You, Asia's first Linux magazine, today announced holding of Linux Asia 2004. The event is aimed at shifting Linux from labs to offices. Linux Asia 2004 will be held from February 11th - 13th, 2004 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) at The India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. It is the largest ever event on Linux in India.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rahul Chopra, Editor, Linux For You, said, "Linux Asia 2004 will play a path-breaking role in making Linux and Open Source Software more popular in common applications. It will give a platform for sharing domestic and international expertise in Linux."

The event will feature conferences on trends, deployment issues and case studies. It will also have a series of workshops on software development, system administration and handling migration from Windows(TM) platform to Linux platform. Some of the tracks that have already been finalized include:

eGovernance and Social Implications--How Linux/OSS can affect us socially
TrendZ--What are the latest technology trends in the Linux domain
Techies--How to handle Linux development and administration
Enterprise--Why and how should the corporate sector start switching to Linux/Open Source

One of the key features of the event will be the practical demonstrations of the power of Linux and Open Source software. Linux Asia will feature `The Hub', a network of 50-100 Linux systems. There also will be demonstrations of LiFY@Hindi, LiFY@Education and the upcoming LiFY@Office. Linux Asia will also have the eGovernance Centre where solution providers, including government departments, will get to display their solutions for eGovernance.

The event will give a forum to the Indian Linux community to share insights and gain expertise.

Linux For You starts Open Source Media Initiative

"Linux For You, Asia's first Linux magazine, has launched Open Source Media initiative. Under this, any publication can use select Linux and open source content produced by Linux For You, free from royalty. The initiative has been started to promote Linux and open source.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Rahul Chopra, Editor, Linux for You said: "Promotion of Linux and open source would be beneficial for the country. It will lead to a faster spread of IT awareness universally. It will also save valuable foreign exchange, which is currently being paid for licensed software."

This program is first of its kind where not only a premier content is offered without any royalty but the technical expertise is also made available. Media professionals will also be able to use the expertise of LFY Labs for all technical queries.

This program will be applicable for the current financial year (upto March 2004). Any content reproduction just needs to credit the source through a standard byline.

The list of articles available currently includes all the major stories done by Linux For You from inception to date. It will also include all future articles.

A list of all available articles will be maintained at Every month, the new articles will be made available in Open Source Media Initiative. The coordination of the program will be facilitated by Creative Crest.

About Linux For You
Linux For You is Asia's first magazine on Linux and Open Source Software. It is a monthly with an active support from the Indian Linux community. It caters to the readership interests of corporates, developers, IT implementers and new and seasoned Linux users.

The publication has been in the forefront of making Linux more useful for the Indian users. It has produced versions of LiFY (A Linux version for Indian users) targeting various practical uses. These include LiFY@Education, LiFY@Hindi, LiFY@Developer and LiFY@Admin. Linux For You is planning to release more versions of LiFY in future.

The publication maintains LFY Labs--one of the most advanced Linux labs in the country. LFY labs continuously researches on Linux and open source and comes up with world-class solutions that enhance the usability of Linux.

About the EFY Group
Linux For You is a publication of EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., publishers of many leading publications since 1969. The company is headquartered at New Delhi with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Kolkata. EFY is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company."

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