November 1, 2001 launches site aimed at helping small businesses

Author: JT Smith

Eugene von Niederhausern writes, A new web site was announced today to help small businesses realize the benefits of Linux within their organization. looks at Linux and Open Source from the unique perspective of a small business. "Most small businesses must get to the bottom line fast," according to Eugene VonNiederhausern, the site's founder. "They can't wade through a bunch of technical literature or Linux jargon to find the benefits and assess the applicability. They simply don't have the time."

The site is organized to present the benefits of Linux up front, on the first page and in language a small business owner can understand. It "nets out" the advantages and disadvantages of Linux straight out, then provides resources to let business determine if it makes sense for their organization. The whole site assumes the visitor has no prior knowledge of Linux and Open Source Software.

Perhaps the most useful section is the Business Guide. The Guide includes an extensive software catalog with a software "selector" which allows the small business to find comparable Linux software given the names of programs they normally use. The site introduces small businesses to Linux and how it can be used to improve their information technology and business processes through open source.

"We want it to be a comprehensive resource for small businesses of all kinds," says VonNiederhausern. "We hope it will serve as a shared resource between those small businesses with an interest in Linux and the people who can help them use Linux effectively."

For more information, visit the Linux4SmallBiz web site at or

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