June 18, 2001

Linux4us and RadioTux in cooperation

Author: JT Smith

Maurice R writes: "Linux4us and RadioTux are relaunching with a new entry page.
On this new entry page, visitors will get an overview of all
articles, whether on RadioTux, or on the email-magazin Magazin42, or even articles Linux4us is promoting. And of course, visitors can also find news, events, and votes."


In broadcast 6 you can find following articles

- Changes on RadioTux
- Report about the C64 emulator V.I.C.E
- A report about SuSE Linux 7.2
- Linux-news of the past 14 days
- and much more


The listeners of RadioTux should know Linux4us allready.
Linux4us offers linux-news and events. Besides workshops, interviews
and much more is offered.


Magazin42 is an email-magazin offering articles about GNU/Linux
Every four weeks it will be sent to the substribers.
Two types will be available a html and a plaintext-version
The first magazin will be published on June the 24th 2001"

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