October 1, 2004

LinuxBeta.com is a 'real jewel'

Guest writes "LXer.com says LinuxBeta.com's screenshot slideshows are providing a good service for the Linux community... "Editors of Linux news sites like LXer see a lot of new community websites come up. Most new sites are good, but occasionally you find that real jewel of a site which is unique, new, and most importantly, useful. Chris Haney's new website, LinuxBeta.com is one such site. The idea of a website that focuses on 0.x beta distributions and Linux software packages, along with screenshot slideshows of the same, is an idea whose time has come." read more.

Linux.org is also referring readers to LinuxBeta.com... "If you're still not quite sure you want to make the leap to Linux, you may want to at least get a feel for how it looks. This can be as simple as using your favorite Internet browser. Linuxbeta.com offers a series of slideshows with screenshots of the look and feel of many Linux distributions. This can be helpful when choosing which version of Linux is right for you." read more."

Link: lxer.com


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