October 17, 2000

Linuxcare PlugFest postponed

Author: JT Smith

The event, originally scheduled for Oct. 22 to 26, will now be Jan. 21 to 23, 2001, at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame, Calif. A Plug Fest is a 2-3 day event in which major OEMs bring their latest and greatest
systems, and IHVs bring their components to test on all of the systems for compatibility.
This will be a distribution-neutral, platform neutral Linux Plug Fest, and we believe will be a
first in the Linux community. We will completely sponsor the event, managing all facility
requirements, scheduling and so forth. If you have any questions, contact Kirk Wells at Tel: (415) 354-4325; fax: (415) 701-7457; or email: plugfest@linuxcare.com. Here's more information about the event.
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