September 19, 2002

LinuxCertified announces its network services bootcamp

Rajesh writes: LinuxCertified, Inc., a leading provider of Linux training, will offer its next Linux Network Services Bootcamp, on October 5th - 6th, 2002 in San Francisco bay area (south bay). This workshop has been designed for network administrators in charge of providing key network services on Linux servers. All students get a free Linux laptop!

This bootcamp is structured along the lines of the highly successful Linux System Administration bootcamp. Students get a powerful Linux laptop at the start of the class, along with other class materials. Their goal is to create a fully functional and secure Linux server. This server will provide the most important internet services such as Web, DNS, Mail, DHCP and File serving.

Students start by putting the system securely on an intranet. They are then led by a team of network experts via carefully designed lectures and labs to configure the network services mentioned above. Students take this laptop with them as a fully configured network server to further enhance their Linux expertise.

Linux and open source network applications such as Apache, BIND, Sendmail, SAMBA etc. are the building blocks for most network services being offered today within the organizations as well as on the internet. This bootcamp enables administrators to rapidly and securely provide these services to their clients. A detailed agenda for the bootcamp is available at: l

About LinuxCertified, Inc.

The mission of LinuxCertified,Inc. is to bring Linux to mainstream IT usage. We firmly believe that Linux has an enormous potential, once it crosses over from the early adopters to the more mainstream users. Our goal is to help this transition by providing:

- Linux trained and certified professionals.
- Linux certified products that cater to mainstream users rather than early adopters.


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