May 30, 2002

LinuxCertified announces self-paced Red Hat administration course writes:
LinuxCertified Inc.,a leading provider of Linux training, today announced the launch of its latest offering: Installation, Configuration and Administration of Red Hat&reg Linux 7.3 based systems.

This audio/visual workshop is designed to provide professionals with a self-paced learning tool to get fully comfortable with Red Hat Linux systems. This workshop will enable users to build, configure and manage Red Hat Linux Systems in any production environment. Created by industry's leading administrators and trainers, this
step-by-step training is ideally suited for busy schedules of today's IT professionals.This workshop leverages on the renowned Linux Fundamentals and System Administration bootcamps being provided by LinuxCertified.

This launch comes at the heels of introduction of Red Hat Linux 7.3 on May 6th.This latest version of distribution from industry leading Linux distribution vendor Red Hat includes updated core components as well as a comprehensive pool of key open source applications. "By bringing this carefully crafted training program within one month of the launch of the Red Hat&reg Linux 7.3 distribution", said Rajesh Goyal, Vice President of Marketing at LinuxCertified, "our trainers have enabled professionals to be on the forefront of deploying Linux systems, thereby cutting costs while maintaining superior quality of services."

This workshop is available at retail on June 11th. LinuxCertified is offering a discount on all pre-orders before June 11th.

A detailed description and ordering information for this course is available at:

About LinuxCertified, Inc.

The mission of LinuxCertified, Inc. is to bring Linux to mainstream IT usage. We firmly believe that Linux has an enormous potential, once it crosses over from the early adopters to the more mainstream users. Our goal is to help this transition by providing:

- Linux trained and certified professionals

- Linux certified products that cater to mainstream users rather than early adopters.


Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Red Hat is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc.

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