July 13, 2002

LinuxCertified announces the System and Network Security bootcamp

Rajesh writes "LinuxCertified, Inc., a leading provider of Linux training, will start offering the latest class in its portfolio, the Linux/UNIX System and Network security Bootcamp, on August 1-2, 2002 in San Francisco bay area (south bay). This workshop has been designed for system, network or application administrators responsible for providing key network services on Linux servers.

As networked IT services become more invaluable, organizations of all sizes must face the growing challenge of ensuring security of these services.Security of network services faces threats from a variety of potential assailants, some with significant knowledge of the target as in the case of former and current employees, as well as uninformed yet equally dangerous cracker individuals and organizations.

This class enables the administrators to scan their network to
identify these vulnerabilities, and provides them tools to build secure systems and network.The curriculum comprises all dimensions of security issues in a complex network of servers offering various services. Some of the topics include operating system hardening techniques, application based exploits, firewalls, network hardening, and security-conscious network topology design. The class will also cover securing the most important internet services such as Web, DNS, Mail, DHCP and File serving. After this class attendees will be well versed with the common methods used by crackers against systems and networks, and methods to block them out.

The overall objective of the class is to build a secure network of servers for mission-critical production environments. Instruction is provided in a highly hands-on fashion, with labs customized to mirror the needs of modern data centers.

Students get a powerful Linux laptop at the start of the class, along with other class materials. Their goal is to secure networking services on this system, as well as to create a tool to analyze the security of rest of their network.

A detailed agenda for the bootcamp is available at:

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