Linuxchix, government officials and pianolas: The Linux Lunacy cruise


Author: JT Smith has an interview with Jon “maddog” Hall while they were all stuck on a boat together. maddog describes his role protecting the Linux trademark as executive director of Linux International: “Sometimes it’s unpleasant because some people try to use the Linux name for things that really aren’t very kosher. Like the time a
guy tried to start a porn site with the name, and Deb Richardson, who started, was understandably upset
about this and requested that we go in and stop it. But Linus wants the word Linux to be used in any legitimate form, so now we’ve set up a
thing called the Linux Mark Institute; it’s a nonprofit. It charges a minimal amount of money if you want to use the word Linux in a registered
trademark. If you want to use it on a t-shirt or a coffee mug, a promotional item, then that’s free.”


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