August 18, 2015

LinuxCon Coverage: The Collaboration Gene

MMiller copyIn a morning keynote presentation at LinuxCon, Michael Miller (Vice President of Global Alliances, Marketing and Product Management for SUSE), described himself as just a guy who likes technology. He’s also a guy who reads Scientific American and who thought that by 2015 we would all be flying jet packs to work.

In his talk, titled “Open Source code: It's in our DNA,” Miller (who was wearing a "Keep Calm and Use Linux" t-shirt) said that although jet packs don’t appear to be the next big thing, we are on the verge of major technology changes and “software-defined everything.” In order to achieve these breakthroughs, however, we need “well-run projects and stable communities.” For this, we have the Linux Foundation collaboration framework.

Miller said that the success of open source depends on our success at collaborating and that “without collaboration, you cannot innovate.”

Referencing a Scientific American article about the success of homo sapiens, Miller said that when early humans began to work together, they became genetically encoded with a predisposition to collaborate. Thus, he said, “open source is in our DNA.”

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