June 20, 2002

Linux.conf.au 2003 Update

Linux.conf.au 2003 organisers and helpers are pleased to announce several milestones in preparation for the Australian National Technical Linux Conference, Linux.conf.au 2003.

 Perth, Western Australia (June 19, 2002) - The Linux.conf.au 2003 organisers and helpers are pleased to announce several milestones in preparation for the Australian National Technical Linux Conference, Linux.conf.au 2003 (http://conf.linux.org.au), to be held in Perth, Western Australia between January 22 and 25, 2003.

Call For Papers

 The Call for Papers, seeking talented individuals willing to present sessions or tutorials at LCA 2003 was released in April 2002. The Call for Papers is open to any individual following the lines set out in the Call for Papers document, available from the LCA 2003 web site: http://conf.linux.org.au/cfp.html

 The deadline for submissions to the call for papers has been set at July 15th 2002. People considering presenting a talk should read the Call for Papers document carefully, and make one (or more) abstract submissions as soon as possible.

 We are also interested in any sub-groups of the Open Source/Free Software community who would like to leverage the travel and venue arrangements for their own "mini" conferences, as was done at Linux.conf.au 2002 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Penguin Sponsor and Major Sponsor Secured

 Linux.conf.au has secured IBM as the Penguin Sponsor for Linux.conf.au 2003 in Perth, Western Australia. IBM have been a supporter of Linux.conf.au as it has moved around Australia for several years; their ongoing support of the technical conference is much appreciated. IBM can be found at: http://www.ibm.com/linux/

 Linux Services WA & NT has secured ranking as a Major Sponsor for LCA 2003. Linux Services WA & NT is a full service vendor of Linux solutions for small to medium enterprises, and a long term supporter of the Perth Linux User Group (PLUG), the regional Linux User Group that is organising and running Linux.conf.au 2003. Linux Services can be found at: http://www.linuxwa.com.au/ and http://www.linuxnt.com.au/

 LCA 2003 is still looking for further sponsors and supporters to assist in funding and supplying the conference; if your organisation would like to offer assistance, please contact the LCA 2003 Organisers at: lca-organisers@conf.linux.org.au.

On-Campus Accommodation

 Currie Hall, the University's own Hall of Residence, has been chosen as the on campus accomodation for LCA 2003. Currie Hall is no more than four minutes walk from the conference venues, and is offering rooms at very reasonable rates. Although Currie Hall is an independant UWA Department, we are happy to offer an integrated registration process whereby you can indicate your intention to stay at Currie Hall on the one registration form. More information on Currie Hall is available at: http://www.currie.uwa.edu.au/

Invited Speakers

 In addition to the people who will be selected from the flood of abstracts submitted to the Call for Papers panel, LCA 2003 has invited several speakers to attend and speak. These people include:

 Alan Cox, Kernel Hacker and Welsh-man 
Telsa Gwynne, Gnome contributor and UI critique 
Jon 'Maddog' Hall, Linux International Guru 
H. Peter Anvin, SYSLINUX and autofs author 
Bdale Garbee, Debian Project Leader and porting enthusiast 
Rusty Russell, Madman and kernel fiddler 
Andrew Tridgell, Mr Samba, Mr Rsync, and Mr What-can-I-hack 
Hemos, Slashdot Perlmonk Over time we expect several other notables to pop up too... stay tuned to the LCA 2003 web site!

About Perth Linux Users' Group Inc.

 PLUG is a a non-profit association for the Linux and Open Source community and aims to promote and assist this community through fortnightly seminars and workshops providing the opportunity to connect face-to-face with industry speakers and other Linux users. In addition to the free email discussion list, PLUG provides news, technical support, resources and forums on the web site (http://www.plug.linux.org.au/).

About Linux.conf.au

 Linux.conf.au is a national 'roaming' conference under the auspices of Linux Australia Inc (http://www.linux.org.au/). Its original incarnation was under the name "Conference of Australian Linux Users" (CALU), held in Melbourne at Monash University in 1999. In January 2001 it was renamed to "Linux.conf.au", and held in Sydney at the University of New South Wales under the direction of the Sydney Linux User Group (SLUG). In February 2002 it was held in Brisbane at the University of Queensland under the direction of the Home Unix Machine Brisbane User Group (HUMBUG).

 LCA has a very high standing in the international community for being a very technically focused, yet relaxed conference schedule. All presenters are selected from the community are of the highest calibre. 

About Linux

 Linux is a core part of a modern multi-user computer operating system developed by a world-wide network of enthusiasts and professionals, and is available for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). This license is special in that it specifically permits the end user access to the underlying source code that creates the Linux kernel, and permits them rights to modify it and redistribute it. The GPL is available from the Free Software Foundation (http://www.fsf.org). It is this model of license that leads to a "peer review" model of software development, since no part of the program remains undisclosed to any interested party.

 Many organisations including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell Computer are adopting Linux kernel based operating systems for a variety of tasks, from network servers to personal desktop machines and palm-sized devices.

 The Linux kernel, in combination with a large selection of "user space" tools and utility programs are combined to create a complete computer operating systems, for example, Debian, Red Hat, SuSE, and MandrakeSoft.

 As well as operating on commodity Intel based personal computers, Linux also runs on a number of other types of computers, such as large mainframes and commercial network servers, down to pocket organisers and wrist watches.

 More information on Linux is available from http://www.linux.com/.

 Linux(R) is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
 Other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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