April 21, 2008

LinuxFest Northwest 2008 Looms

LinuxFest Northwest 2008 is happening this month, April 26th and 27th in Bellingham, Washington.LFNW is an international, technical event focused on Linux and OpenSource software that attracts around 1 to 2 thousand attendees each year. LFNW is the showcase for what people in the Northwest are doing with Linux and open source software. It's a place for Linux enthusiasts to get together to share their passion for what good software can do. This is an opportunity for everyone, including newbies, to... satisfy your curiosity... get free stuff... ask experts... explore the latest in software technology... support freedom... experience the magic of grassroots software. Come hear speakers from ActiveState, Google, Bungee Labs, Hewlett Packard, Linden Lab, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Red Hat, Novell, and many many others. There will be a One Laptop Per Child track, as well as displays on robotics and alternative energy. As an event organizer said, "This Free(as in Free Beer) event is for the community and by the community. It's not about making money, but about how useful we are to the community." If you're already coming, let everyone know, and help spread the news. http://www.linuxfestnorthwest.org/

Link: linuxfestnorthwest.org


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