April 27, 2004

Linuxfoo.org online and ready to rock!

mcangeli writes "LinuxFoo is proud to announce the opening of its doors to the public.

If you use Linux on a daily basis, you'd like to use linux, or maybe you just heard something about this OS for the first time, this site is for you.

A place where the normal users (read: not SU) can get together and shoot the breeze about linux, the community and life in a laid back and relaxed atmosphere.

Focusing on up-to-date tutorials and help files, LinuxFoo.org aims to revolutionize the linux support community with documentation that everyone can understand. No RTFM or flat out links to google pages in response to questions, the Foo is looking to become a haven for those with hard to answer questions who wish to understand their operating system a little better.

If you, or someone you know, is starting out with Linux, or if you need a little help, the friendly folks at LinuxFoo are waiting to see if they can help out."

Link: LinuxFoo.org


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