April 6, 2001

LinuxForce releases AdminForce Remote

Author: JT Smith

LinuxGram has a way with words in this pumped up press release: "LinuxForce Inc, the little US company that Corel bought a third of back in December of 1999 thinking to use it to
service its desktop Linux accounts, has spun out an outsourcing operation to monitor Linux servers.

Corel's failure to make any progress in the Linux market threw LinuxForce back on its own devices and the company
says its experience consulting for customers such as the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia and the
Fortune 50 insurance cartel American International Group (AIG) persuaded it to package up the Debian operating
system and the Debian administration, monitoring and reporting technology as a family of commercial products that
the spin-off, AdminForce Remote LLC, will peddle to its customers."


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